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Do - In / Tao Yoga & Somatics 

Body . Mind . Soul

Integrate the eastern wisdom in your daily life

Stretch and get to know the meridians, flow through the 5 elements, find a balance and inner peace practicing breathing exercises and guided meditations to connect with the oneness of your true self. 

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silence in the mind. openness in the heart. strength in the body.

The basis of my method is to combine movement with an emotional and spiritual inner journey. By integrating oriental medicine with breathing, movement and meditation, I seek to understand and integrate these aspects as components of health and well-being.

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Suitable for:

. beginners who are looking to build solid basis for a lifetime practice. 

.yoga and body-mind teachers, holistic therapists and spiritual guides looking to expand their horizons and improve their classes and workshops.

. bodywork therapists and practitioners looking to integrate new resources for themselves and to share with their clients.

. dancers and performers looking for new and unique ways of expression.

. mentorship for teachers, facilitators and practitioners who wants to refine their teachings skills and tune their style as a teacher. 

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[ metal . water . wood . fire . earth ]

In every workshop you can expect:  

- guided meditations -

- stretchings, movements and poses -

- self-massage and / or tapping -

- breathing exercises -

- theory behind the practice -

- different sequences focused on specific themes -

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Breathing and letting go

- metal -

This workshop allows you to explore breathing and letting go. It also provides inputs about self-esteem and how to let your vitality grow on a daily basis.

I live in Argentina but I usually travel to other places to give classes, courses and retreats. Since 2012, during July & August you can find me in Europe.

I teach in Spanish, English and French.

My goal is to provide body - mind - soul programs tailored to different health and fitness needs with an insight through oriental wisdom. 

If you are interested in organising a class, workshop or retreat at your studio or health centre, contact me and we'll explore our options together.

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